Legislation & Regulation

Six Lives Progress Report – Easy Read summary (DH, 14.10.2010)

Valuing People Now – making it happen (easy read 2009)

Valuing People (2001)

Discrimination act

Consent form 4 (Northampton General Hospital – Form for adults who lack capacity to Consent to investigation or treatment (Incorporating Best Practice in line with the Mental Capacity Act 2005).

Equal Access (A practical guide for the NHS: Creating a Single Equality Scheme that includes improving access for people with learning disabilities).

A briefing note from the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities and the Valuing People Support Team Following up ‘Healthcare for All’

Reasonable Adjustments

Indicators for Acute & Specialist Trusts – Performance Assessment 2009-10 (Care Quality Commission)

Healthcare for All – easy read

Death by indifference[1]

Valuing People Now Jan 09  – easy read