Yorkshire & Humberside

Yorkshire, Humber and North East Regional Access to Acute Group [RA2A]

Terms of Reference


The purpose of the regional access to acute group is to bring together senior leaders within both learning disability services and acute hospitals to address equity of access and equality of care and treatment for people with learning disabilities within the acute hospital setting.

The group will work together to enable acute hospitals to meet the new performance indicator ‘Access to healthcare for people with learning disability’ and to address the impact of any new policy documents, guidance or national drivers that impact upon the care and treatment of people with learning disability within the acute hospital setting


  • To improve the acute hospital experience for people with learning disabilities [and families/carers] across the Yorkshire, Humber and North East region


  • To ensure equality of access and equity for all people with learning disabilities
  • To support colleagues in the acute trust to develop person centered approaches with adherence to the human rights act and disability discrimination act
  • For senior leads within learning disability to work in partnership with their acute colleagues are able to make reasonable adjustments to their services and reduce the health inequalities faced by people with Learning disabilities
  • To share and build upon good practice from across the region
  • To share challenges and achievements to enable learning across the region
  • To maintain links with the national access to acute group and provide feedback at every A2A meeting
  • To provide support to local hospitals to improve the patient experience and reduce diagnostic overshadowing
  • To work together with the regional health network, SHA and Valuing People leads to improve the acute hospital experience


The group will be representative of all divisions and care groups.

Chair Allyson Kent Deputy Head of Nursing Humber Mental Health Teaching NHS Trust
Vice -Chair
Amanda McKie Modern Matron; complex needs Calderdale
Anne Walker Lead Nurse
Alison Williamson Senior Lecturer
Ann Johnson Clinical governance Lead
Anne Shirley Modern Matron; Acute medicine
Bridget Lentell Team Leader
Charlotte Walker Acute Liaison Nurse Rotherham, Doncaster, South Humber FT
David Hamilton Health Facilitator
Dawn Walsh Health Facilitator
Helen Hargreave Team Leader Craven & Harrogate
Jan Emmerson Acute Liaison Nurse
Joanne lay Lecturer
Judith Barber Health Facilitator
Julie Howard Clinical team Manager
Louise Barker Speech and Language therapist
Lynda Fairbourn
Lynne Taylor Health Facilitator
Mike Gilsenan Health Facilitator
Norman Campbell Improvement Manager/LD
Pat Robson Deputy director of nursing
Ruth Kimmins Health Facilitator
Tina Peck Speech and Language Therapist

Membership Responsibility

  • Attend meetings
  • Arrange for a suitably qualified and senior representative when not able to attend a meeting
  • Carry out any delegated actions agreed at the meeting
  • Provide a two way communication link with the Regional Access to Acute group and their local group/health sub-group/local partnership boards/area/profession/division


There must a minimum of be the Chair or Vice Chair present plus a representative from at least 4 areas.

Meeting arrangements

  • The group will meet every 3 months with dates being circulated in advance.
  • Agenda and attachments will be emailed 1 week in advance of the meetings
  • The chair or vice chair will be in attendance at all times
  • All meetings will be minuted
  • Apologies and the attendance of any deputies should be notified to the chair in advance of the meeting
  • Minutes of the meeting will be forwarded to the regional Valuing People lead, the chair of the regional health network and an identified lead at the Strategic health authority
  • The meeting will be recorded by members on rotation
  • Copies of the notes will be held centrally by the chair/vice chair and copies will be posted onto the A2A website

Reporting and accountability

The group will provide feedback to the chair of the regional health network

Review arrangements

The group will review its objectives on an annual basis

Date: 18th September 2009