South West

A2A South West Regional Group

1. Terms of Reference

1.1              To provide a network for sharing information and knowledge about professional nursing issues and clinical practice in relation to Learning Disability and acute liaison nursing.

1.2              To discuss and review current practice and future developments.

1.3              To formulate and share best practice.

1.4              To provide a support network and forum where reflection and experiences can be discussed.

1.5              To provide peer supervision.

1.6              To receive feedback on nursing developments, conferences and training courses in relation to Learning Disability nursing.

1.7              To review, discuss and contribute to current research in relation to Learning Disability Nursing.

1.8              One representative to link into each A2A national meeting.

2. Membership

2.1 Membership of this group includes:

Jane Rees, Daniella Rubio and Tristan Coombe: [email protected], [email protected]

Beverley Farrar (Liaison Nurse Cheltenham/Gloucester Hospitals): [email protected]

Carol Forbes (Liaison Nurse Cheltenham/Gloucester Hospitals): [email protected]

Gemma Box (Sister in Quality Improvement for Learning Disabilities and Mental Health): [email protected]

Lorna Hayles (Learning Disabilities Specialist Nurse UHBristol): [email protected]

Sara Palmer (Children’s Disability Specialist Nurse UHBristol): [email protected]

Jackie Rausi (Learning Disability Liaison Nurse Frenchay Hospital): [email protected]

Emily Greentree (Learning Disability Liaison Nurse Southmead Hospital): [email protected]

Tania Andrews (Acute Learning Disabilities Liaison Nurse, Taunton): [email protected]

Roz Erskine-Gray (Learning Disability Liaison Nurse Torbay Hospital): [email protected]


Derriford Learning Disability Liaison Team

  • Team Leader – Saoirse Read
  • Liaison Nurses – Kate Bamforth and Lesley Smith
  • Specialist HCA – Fiona Dilorenzo
  • Team Administrator – Michael Madge

[email protected]  Tel. 01752 431566


Lisa Baker (Learning Disability Liaison Nurse North Devon District Hospital): [email protected]

Matthew Burridge[email protected]

Liz Jennings (Learning Disability Liaison Nurse, Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital): [email protected]

Layla Price (Royal Devon and Exeter hospital): [email protected]

Julia Gannaway (Community Nurse/Link Nurse Dorset County Hospital): [email protected]

Katy Welsh (Primary Care Liaison Nurse Devon)[email protected]

Val Cope (Senior Health Facilitator for People with a Learning Disability): [email protected]

Debra Parsons (Practice Development Matron, Weston General Hospital): [email protected]

Sandra Webb (Safeguarding Adults Lead, Dorset County Hospital): [email protected]

Chris Cope (Continuing Healthcare Learning Disability Nurse Advisor):   [email protected]

 Lesley Russ (Public Health Specialist – Learning Difficulties & Autism) [email protected]

Jane Kinson (Senior Community Development Worker)                          [email protected]

Cathy Mead (Learning Disability Acute Liaison Nurse)                                 [email protected]

 Updated 3/10/2016

Other health professionals with an interest in learning disability acute liaison also welcome.

3. Frequency of meetings

3.1 The group will meet quarterly

4. Chair

4.1 The meeting will be chaired depending on each venue.

5 Duties and Responsibilities.

5.1 It will be the responsibility of each member to maintain contact with the rest of the group.

5.2 Regular attendance and commitment is important.